Athletic Greens is among the most popular super foods, working almost the same as protein shakes. The super food is made using extracts from over a hundred different vegetables and fruits. The extracts are used in their natural form. For optimal nutrient digestion and absorption, Athletic Greens also contains enzymes as well as probiotic. Depending on your preference or taste, the Athletic Greens powder is often mixed with milk, juice or even water.

Superfood Ingredients In Athletic Greens

These ingredients have a well-rounded mix of three major types of super foods. These include vegetables and fruits, algae and grasses. The green drink is also formulated using extracts from spinach, carrots, wheat grass, broccoli, alfalfa and spirulina among other natural extracts. It also contains other natural ingredients that are not commonly used in most green drink labels. These include ingredients such as beet, bilberry and papaya. Most of these natural ingredients are also known to be useful in cleansing and building the immune of the body.

The super food has been tested and proven to contain about 3.5 grams of health-building and essential nutrients. In addition, it has about 233 mg of solid probiotics formula and digestive enzymes. Unlike most super foods that will have a grassy, swampy or even earthy taste, Athletic Greens has masked the taste with chocolate. This gives it a smooth texture, blending it with any drink you choose to use.

Top Benefitial Results To The Body With Athletic Greens

athletic greens full review1. This super food is well known to be diet friendly and suits even those on a special diet. It has been proven to help reduce weight and maintain a healthy body.

2. It has been proven to improve digestion as well as gut health. This is achieved with the help of the numerous probiotic, prebiotic and digestive enzymes contained in the cocktail.

3. Research has also shown that using the natural form of this whole food sourced formula helps to increase energy. 

4. The super food is also effective in alkalizing the body as it delivers a potent nutrition quantity in just 12 grams of every serving.

5.The product is 100% organic, gluten free and non-GMO.

6. It also saves money and time. This is mainly because it is formulated with a variety of raw greens, scarce nutrients, trace elements, mushrooms, herbs, enzymes, antioxidants and even co-factors and other essential minerals.

Though relatively expensive, Athletic Greens is an excellent product that that been recommended by many doctors, nutritionists, and athletes. For years, it has undergone numerous tests and has received excellent customer reviews and rating. It is readily available in most reputable online stores where you can make your order on their website and have the product shipped or delivered to your doorstep. A 30 days supply of the green drink costs about $97.

Finally, the product has been proven to have no or mild side effects. This is mainly because the ingredients used to make its formulation are all organic and natural. During the first few days of using the green drink diet, you may notice bowel movement changes. However, it will be normal again, once your digestion and absorption are improved. The green drink may also lead to some problems, especially when used in large amounts. For instance, you are likely to develop a yellow or orange skin after taking too much of carrots.